Zat Cat! A Haute Couture

Filled with whimsical illustrations that capture the glamour and charm of Paris, an outrageously amusing story high fashion follows a stray cat, who stumbles upon Paris show where he happily shreds dresses, rips ribbons, unexpectedly redesigns collection France’s leading designer, becoming rage Paris.

Sleeping Beauty, Victoria, Cleopatra, Snow White, Elizabeth, Pocahontas, Mia Thermopolis: all princesses Do YOU have what it takes to be a princess? princess mia will help you find out Best-selling Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot and acclaimed fashion artist Chesley McLaren team up again display this clever royal roster of the world. Big or small, old new, fact fiction, our favorite Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo (aka Mia) point why these rule, how any girl can too!

Everything you want to know about picture books can be found in this simple and straightforward guide. After defining the book describing its history technological evolution, author helps better understand appreciate by how they’re made-their anatomy, types of illustration, layouts, design elements, typography-various (genres, formats, styles), work (the art story), they relate child development literacy. Picture reviews, building a collection, using with various age groups, issues such as multicultural literature, classics, controversial titles are some other topics covered.