WingsWings, Horns and Claws –

Award-winning author and illustrator Christopher Wormell sinks his teeth into a new favorite subject-dinosaurs! Wings, Horns, & Claws is an affectionate pictorial tribute to those prehistoric animals, who grow with every turn of the page reinforcing cognitive learning concept size proportion. Wormell’s trademark beautiful woodcut illustrations are paired here very detailed descriptions subjects. His unique vision incredible artistry elevate this book above crowd volumes devoted Earth’s coolest creatures. A great choice for kids even adults can’t get enough these reptiles.

Bigfoot, Nessie, and mermaids: what do these cryptids share in common? No matter how doubtful we are of their existence, a part us persists asking, “Could they be real?” With skeptical tone, this title tracks the most popular cryptozoological creatures from mythological origins to modern attempts prove existence. Scientific explanations-including archaeological records alleged physical evidence-are presented assessed. Regardless veracity, place beasts hold television, movies, books is cherished one, it merits thorough investigation.

This book focuses on writing in different aspects of the curriculum and provides guidance, case studies theoretical perspectives to show readers how they can become writers with for children. It demonstrates write model children includes many examples good classroom practice this area.