What Makes a Tree Smile

“Written by a six year old and her mother, illustrated Kimberley artist Francine Riches, this book is charming look at how young girl sees the world.”

Indigenous cultures are not terra nullius — nobody’s land, free to be taken. True Tracks is a groundbreaking work that paves the way for respectful and ethical engagement with cultures. Using real-world cases personal stories, award-winning Meriam/Wuthathi lawyer Dr Terri Janke draws on twenty years of professional experience inform inspire people working across many industries – from art architecture, film publishing, dance, science tourism. What materials knowledge you using? How will your project affect involve communities? Are sharing profits those helps answer these questions more, provides invaluable guidelines enable peoples actively practise, manage strengthen their cultural life. If we keep our tracks true, culture can benefit everyone empower future generations. ‘Dr Janke’s fantastic resource understanding engaging art, traditional knowledge.’ Turia Pitt ‘Whether you’re black CEO making an encrypted ledger co-op, or white soccer mum multicultural Halloween costume, this book might spare lot heartache down track.’ Tyson Yunkaporta ‘The definitive guide producing, telling, showing, Australia.’ Tara June Winch ‘Terri grand theft perpetrated Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander over more than two centuries.’ Marcia Langton ‘True authoritative simplifies complex laws protocols, providing examples in sectors enact key principles engagement, including respect self-determination.’ Anita Heiss

In a political system that renders them largely voiceless, Australia’s Aboriginal people have used the written word as powerful tool for over two hundred years. Anthology of Australian Literature presents rich panorama culture, history, and life through writings some great authors. From Bennelong’s 1796 letter to contemporary writing, Anita Heiss Peter Minter selected works represent range depth writing in English. Journalism, petitions, letters from both nineteenth twentieth centuries are brought together with major poetry, prose, drama mid-twentieth century onward. These voice not only ongoing suffering dispossession but resilience people, their hope joy. Presenting best, most distinctive produced Australia, this groundbreaking anthology will captivate anyone interested culture.