Water Play

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, informa company.

Praise for the first edition: `An approachable and practical edition that will be welcomed by parents carers alike. I know how hard it can to find ‘How to’ resources parents. Well here is a gem.’ – Children, Young People Families Parents of young children newly diagnosed as on autism spectrum are often at loss ideas about best help their child. Playing, Laughing Learning with Children Autism Spectrum not just collection play ideas; shows break down activities into manageable stages, looks ways gain child’s attention motivation build small achievements. Each chapter covers around theme, including music, art, physical activities, playing outdoors, puzzles, turn-taking using existing toys create sequences. There also chapters introducing reading making most television. This updated second contains an extensive use computer, internet digital camera make suggests many suitable websites through maze. The useful both toddlers primary age who still struggling play.

Gives parents and carers detailed up-to-date information about autistic disorders by providing practical suggestions strategies, incorporating the latest teaching methods, to assist in understanding management of people with autism at home, educational programs community. It discusses unique learning styles, sensory sensitivities, different motivations relative strengths visual processing rote memory skills children adults autism.