Thumbelina: the graphic

Giving timeless tales a modern edge, each title in this boldy illustrated series retells the world’s greatest fairytales graphic novel format, attracting even most reluctant readers.

Tania “Thumbelina” Pulgar may be small, but she’s fierce in the wrestling ring. When her friend Jorge “The Mouse” Mendoza introduces to a manager named Mr Mole, promised professional career full of fame and fortune. But soon Thumbelina is miserable as dragged from match forced into flashy new persona that just isn’t good fit. Can little wrestler break free Mole’s hold live own life? Experience fairy tale like never before this graphic novel retelling. With information on original tale, guide story’s twists visual discussion questions, book will engage excite readers equal measure.

Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story sees new life in this newly illustrated eBook. A half dozen original color illustrations are included book (illustrations will appear B&W if a reader is not used). “Thumbelina” chiefly invention, though he did take inspiration from tales of miniature people such as “Tom Thumb”. was published one series seven fairy 1835 which were well received by the Danish critics who disliked their informal style and lack morals. One critic, however, applauded “Thumbelina”. The earliest English translation dated 1846. tale has been adapted to various media including song animated film.