The Secrets of the StoneThe Secrets We Keep

Four years ago Erin Joyce left Dublin under a cloud and bought guesthouse in the remote, beautiful village of Dunbarra. The Gatehouse attracts strange clutch guests who, once ensconced, never want to leave. There’s Hazel, shy artist, her sweet, silent daughter Gracie. Sandra, brash American, wants know everything about everyone. Then there’s wise old easy-going PJ, who’s seemingly part furniture. But Erin’s fragile happiness is thrown off-balance by arrival A-list Hollywood actor Sebastian Grey. finds herself drawn this handsome enigmatic man, who used walk with swagger but now prowls country lanes haunted eyes. What trauma could have brought devastating change? isn’t only one secret. Why Hazel cast so adrift? Where does PJ go each week without fail, what really Sandra Dunbarra? As embroiled guests’ secrets she starts ask herself: will be ready reveal own?

“In profiles of twenty-five people who never get sick, and the secrets each them possesses practices every day, … [the author] covers surprising science personal health”–P. [4] cover.

1012 AU: At the command of Caves Longevity, Delko and companions have been led into hands evil Verlod, sent undercover in order to destroy Monastery Fordosheol, assassinate Archbishop Haridan. The Archbishop’s ruthless army Racers, Warriors, Goblins has quickly laid waste northern lands, already conquering North Door Cave Dwarfs splitting Eastern Continent two. King Sam-Sam is pinned within City White Stone plan now fully beginning reveal itself. son, Despot, stolen two keys Emerald Doors leading realm Dragons. But why? If cannot conquer Archbishop, all will be lost. Or it too late?