The Mum Detective

How hard can it be to find the perfect partner for your dad? Esmie misses her mum, even though she was only a tiny baby when died. She has photo by bed, and sometimes – needs advice or just fancies chat asks mum help. Sometimes hears reply. But thinks dad is lonely. And big brother Matthew would definitely benefit from female influence. So decides take action: she’s going girlfriend. Beautiful, clever, charming, kind children animals … In book which won Red House Children’s Book Award, Gwyneth Rees tells story of healing love with characteristic charm humour. The Mum Hunt comes Bloomsbury refreshed cover look renewed marketing publicity bring new readers this quirky, lovely modern classic.

Laura thinks she knows her mum, especially as it’s been just the two of them since Dad left. But then Mum brings home a boyfriend and, even worse, starts acting very strangely – she’s obviously keeping something from Laura. what? As digs deeper, begins to suspect secret might be more terrible than first thought .