The Hiccups

Kenn Nesbitt’s hilarious poetry is adored by kids. They just can’t get enough of the great beats, wonderful imagery, and good ol’ belly laughs his contains! With over a hundred poems included, most them new but some old favorites too, My Hippo Has Hiccups laugh-out-loud time. The audio CD features lots poem readings zany humor that make one widely sought school speakers in country. From angry vegetables to misbehaving robots boy who only half werewolf, these are all officially totally made up: my robot does homework! | i bought pet banana! when angry… Be sure visit online at world’s popular site for kids:

Read Along or Enhanced eBook: Young children are naturally curious about themselves. I Get the Hiccups offers answers to their most compelling questions hiccups and how stop them. Age-appropriate explanations appealing photos encourage readers continue quest for knowledge. Additional text features search tools, including a glossary an index, help students locate information learn new words.

A spaghetti dinner and a lot of giggling result in Caillou getting the hiccups. Daddy thinks he knows how to cure them, together, they embark on series hiccup-curing trials. But none them seem work! Mommy insists hiccups will go away their own – as long doesn’t make big deal she’s right!