The First Fleet

This book is an illustrated Who’s Who of Australia’s First Fleet pioneers – the 1,300 men, women, and children who founded first European settlement at Sydney Cove. (From verso).

The First Fleet – the Creation of a Nation Bestselling Maritime Biographer, Rob Mundle, is back on ocean with blockbuster for Christmas. Rob’s FIRST FLEET tells extraordinary story eighteenth century convoy eleven ships that left England 13 May 1787 ‘lands beyond seas’. Aboard were seafarers, convicts, marines, and few good citizens some 1300 in all who had been consigned to virtually unknown land opposite side world where they would establish penal colony, nation. fleet stopped at Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro Cape Town before sailing across notorious challenging Southern Ocean, bound Botany Bay. Somehow, 11 arrived safely between 18 20 January, 1788. But, it’s what happened during 252 days sea while half way around world, subsequently land, almost belief. No nation has ever founded such courageous dangerous manner. It’s basis one hell an adventure.