The Drop Goes Plop: A

Mama and baby seagull follow a drop of water, beginning when it is evaporated from the ocean becomes part cloud, through its use by humans, ending again ocean.

This lively and informative text examines children’s first experience of non-fiction during the pre-school foundation years. Its careful consideration different kinds quality non-fiction, including books, posters, charts computer software will provide a helpful framework from which early years teachers can work. Annotated lists, notes, suggestions for further reading make this is an ideal source inspiration stimulation placing literacy teaching in fresh, modern context. book offers rich resource information, with illustrated case studies many examples responses to providing: coverage children up six age references research findings on place National Literacy Strategy, Early Learning Goals Curriculum English substantial glossary terms relevant writing. The author’s zest expertise helps give infectious enthusiasm that permeate classroom, providing nursery primary school teacher, student or classroom assistant invaluable guide tool.