the Diary of Flora

An eleven-year-old orphan is reconnected to her mother’s family, but courage and strength are tested as she put work in a textile mill. Flora young, imaginative girl who has dreamt of having family call own since parents died from pleurisy when was three. She dreams dinners. friends. But mostly leaving the orphanage. As diary begins, still an orphanage Kingston, Auntie Janet just married, husband James send for come live with them Almonte, Ontario. Once arrives at aunt’s, begins Almonte Mill, even though underage — typical many children era. works dawn dusk, near huge noisy machines, sees effects mill on workers have lost arm or their hearing. Still, this life better than going back Uncle loses several fingers weaving machine can’t anymore, money really tight, it’s up aunt find way out predicament. Through all trials, writes down feelings journal, one addresses “Dear Papa Mama”, because it makes feel close young. Days Toil Tears includes historical background giving readers social context young workers, map industry Canada, well fascinating photographs

The diary of Heinrich Witt (1799-1892) is the most extensive private written in Latin America known to us today. Written English by a German migrant who lived Lima, it unique source for history Peru, and international trade migration.

It’s hard being the normal one in such a crazy family. Bluebell and her family are about to hear life-changing news. There is weeping storming off. orphaned kittens internet disasters. Guitar-playing runaway boys little sisters with secrets. But there also laughter of course, love – that’s what all about.