The Dark PortalThe Darkness

Heaven and Hell takes you on a journey through Hell, as viewed the eyes of Chris Serena Davis, who come to experience their reality first hand. Through God s mercy, those dwell in Heaven, have no recollection loved ones Hell. At least, most don t. Yet, beautiful place universe, one man troubling dreams lead him realize that love his earth life has been condemned Satan realm. Now, with help famous scientist from past, endeavors pull off ultimate prison break.

Welcome to the world of Dreamkeepers. For many centuries has been saved by Army Light until 1603, when Darkness was taken from world. Now is back and targeting Dreamkeepers throughout time…..This just beginning

Time Portal: The World of the First Maya is a Guidebook on journey that contains many startling Facts to show: Where people started their voyage new world in MesoAmericaWho appeared natives, built City, and became God Why fashioned Calendar as circular, not linearWhen settlers traders from international roots came live among them One cultureRead about incredible archaeological discoveries show were adept at using techniques materials, unknown Western for centuries! Discover briefly, latter decades civilization, before arrival Spaniards! Illustrations by Author give reader sense what Mayans celebrated, how they dressed impress.