the BookThe Wand and the Sword

New epic fantasy in the grand tradition—including a never-before-published Song of Ice and Fire story by George R. Martin! Fantasy fiction has produced some most unforgettable heroes ever conjured onto page: Robert E. Howard’s Conan Barbarian, Michael Moorcock’s Elric Melniboné, Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd Gray Mouser. Classic characters like these made sword sorcery storytelling sensation, cornerstone fiction—and an inspiration for new generation writers, spinning their own outsize tales magic swashbuckling adventure. Now, The Book Swords, acclaimed editor bestselling author Gardner Dozois presents all-new anthology original stellar cast award-winning modern masters—many them set authors’ best-loved worlds. Join today’s finest tellers fantastic tales, including Martin, K. J. Parker, Robin Hobb, Scott Lynch, Ken Liu, C. Cherryh, Daniel Abraham, Lavie Tidhar, Ellen Kushner, more on action-packed journeys into outer realms dark enchantment intrepid derring-do, featuring stunning assortment fearless swordsmen warrior women who face down danger death at every turn with courage, cunning, cold steel. FEATURING SIXTEEN ALL-NEW STORIES: “The Best Man Wins” Parker “Her Father’s Sword” Hobb Hidden Girl” Liu Sword Destiny” Matthew Hughes “‘I Am Handsome Man,’ Said Apollo Crow” Kate Elliott Triumph Virtue” Walter Jon Williams Mocking Tower” Abraham “Hrunting” Cherryh “A Long, Cold Trail” Garth Nix “When I Was Highwayman” Kushner Smoke Gold Is Glory” Lynch Colgrid Conundrum” Rich Larson King’s Evil” Elizabeth Bear “Waterfalling” Tidhar Tyraste” Cecelia Holland Sons Dragon” Martin And introduction fine writer expert [Gardner] beckons, authors deliver—and this surely will be one year’s essential anthologies.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

This single-volume edition unites two centerpieces of twentieth-century occult thinking by “the wickedest man in the world.” Notorious mystic and esoterist Aleister Crowley (1875–1947) remains a towering figure among occultists. His long noteworthy career encompassed countless writings creation his own religion, Thelema, chief precept which was “Do what thou wilt.” asserted that content The Book Law dictated to him from spirit world, 1909 publication formed basis for Thelema. volume’s 1912 successor, Lies, features aphorisms paradoxes invoke symbolism Freemasonry other traditions. Lies continue rank Crowley’s most widely read writings. Both books have exercised vast influence on popular culture practice magic, offering fascinating glimpses into author’s pursuits.