Tashi Lost in the City

‘I raced up and down the street looking in doorways behind stalls. But there was no Grandma.’ Tashi always has big adventures, like time he’s lost city to escape from a mean man with glass eye silver dagger then, on way home, Grandma are kidnapped by brigands called Fearless Ferocious. clever knows what do – stay calm, think hard move fast. ‘All children should meet Tashi. He can be their mentor road reading, feeding imaginations fantastic stories The have evergreen qualities of classics.’ Joan Zahnleiter, Magpies ‘This little book reads just junior version Raiders Lost Ark.’ Victoria Collins Sunday Night Live can’t get enough Tashi, neither any students at my school!…a sense anticipation adventure…Definitely add this one your library!’ Fiona Deppeler, Balgowlah Heights Public School, NSW

This bibliography includes all traceable self-contained books, monographs, pamphlets and chapters from books which in some way pertain to Jews Australia New Zealand between 1788 2008 Born Russia 1942, Serge Liberman came 1951, where he now works as a medical practitioner. As author of several short-story collections including On Firmer Shores, A Universe Clowns, The Life That I Have Led, Battered the Redeemed, has three times received Alan Marshall Award also been recipient NSW Premier’s Literary Award. In addition, is compiler two previous editions Bibliography Australian Judaica. Several his titles have set study texts British high schools universities. His literary work widely published; Editor respected journals contributed many other publications.