Stuck In Fast Forward

A plague that could wipe out all life on earth is its way – Nat’s father has built a vehicle going to take them safer future somewhere at the end of space and time___

Do you ever feel like are as if stuck on a treadmill that is set too fast and cannot find the stop button? Modern living feels just that! Stress, heart attacks, family breakdown so much more result way we do life these days. God never intended it to be this way, His plan was better. ‘He Restores My Soul’ look at God’s which after all higher than our ways. Press pause button, take deep breath, uncover better life. Live freely, alive enjoy has given us.

Everyone needs a second chance, even if your name is George Foreman. “My chance arrived unexpectedly in Puerto Rican dressing room after heavyweight boxing match. What happened to me that so incredibly bizarre, it’s unlikely you’ve ever before read anything like it. Simply stated, I died and went the other side. The experience impacted profoundly three decades later can’t go single day without thinking about it.” A childhood grinding poverty. Two championships – twenty years apart. life-changing encounter with God. new life devoted ministy. An inspiring comeback then astounding success as an entrepreneur trusted product pitchman. For first time, Foreman tells whole story of his remarkable life. With frankness, warmth, humor you expect from Foreman, he shares faith journey has shaped life, offering many lessons along way. are secrets Foreman’s success? Why always smiling? did all five sons George? There no one quiet God My Corner explains why. More importantly, it will open eyes reality there corner, just He’s been for these years.