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Constructing Adolescence in Fantastic Realism examines those fundamental themes which inform our understanding of “the teenager”—themes that emerge both literary and cultural contexts. Models adolescence do not arise solely from discourses psychology, sociology, education. Rather, these models—frameworks including developmentalism, identity formation, social agency, subjectivity space—can also be found represented symbolically fantastic tropes such as metamorphosis, time-slip, hauntings, doppelgangers, invisibility, magic gifts, witchcraft. These are the incredible, supernatural, magical elements invade everyday diurnal world realism. In this original study, Alison Waller proposes a new critical term to categorize popular established genre literature for teenagers: young adult Though realism plays crucial part short history literature, up until now has typically been overlooked or subsumed into wider class fantasy. Touching on well-known authors Robert Cormier, Melvin Burgess, Gillian Cross, Margaret Mahy, K.M. Peyton Westall, well previously unexamined writers, explores ideological perspectives embedded realist novels order ask whether parallel realities identities produce forms dynamic subversive. One first studies deal with late twentieth-century adults, book makes valuable contribution attitudes toward adolescent identity.

As the sun rose on a 1947 Vancouver morning, sixteen-year-old Garry Rowse stepped school bus without any idea he would not return to his hometown for more than five years. Without money, identification, or plan, exited at end of its route, stuck out thumb, and left less ideal childhood behind. In lively chronicling nomadic adventures, begins by detailing journey from side road eventual decision accept job as cabin boy Norwegian freighter in Halifax. travels continued, shares anecdotes past that highlight unique experiences included running contraband Borneo Zamboanga; working strike breaker docks Marseille; becoming stranded former slave village jungles Guyana; escaping prison swimming across shark-infested Manila Bay.