One of the only books to treat whole spider, from its behavior and physiology neurobiology reproductive characteristics, Biology Spiders is considered a classic in spider literature. First published German 1979, book now third edition, has established itself as supreme authority on these fascinating creatures. Containing five hundred new references, this incorporates latest research while dispelling many oft-heard myths misconceptions that surround spiders. Of special interest are chapters structure function webs silk, well those venom. A subchapter tarantulas will appeal especially tarantula keepers breeders. The highly accessible text supplemented by exceptional, high-quality photographs, them originals, detailed diagrams. It be arachnologists, entomologists, zoologists, academics, students biology, general reader curious about

A comprehensively updated edition of an identification guide that was named a Guardian Best Nature Book the Year Now in revised and new edition, Britain’s Spiders is to all 38 British families, focussing on spiders can be identified field. Illustrated with remarkable collection photographs, it designed accessible wide audience, including those spider identification. This book pushes boundaries field for this challenging group, combining information features seen naked eye or hand lens additional evidence from webs, egg sacs, behaviour, phenology, habitats distributions. Individual accounts cover 404 species—all “macro” larger money spiders, limitations clearly explained. includes nine species Britain, many recent name changes, distribution maps information, guides help identify families distinctive species, latest checklist. based recognizable field, body shape other characteristics, as well separate webs egg-sacs Detailed more than 700 stunning photographs highlight key each genus include status, behaviour Up-to-date maps, charts showing adult seasonality Introductory chapters biology where, when how find them, equipment needed complete list recorded indicating ease rarity conservation status Information record make your records count, guidance take interest further New edition: coverage checklist