Smarty Cat

On vacation in Florida, Djuna meets a cat with peculiar secret steps off the bus and into Florida heat, ready for few weeks of slow-paced Southern living his friend Tommy, whose father recently moved to Dolphin Beach. After spending whole summer solving mysteries, is looking forward some peace quiet. But trouble has way finding Djuna. While Tommy gives him tour town, spies two men sneaking away from strange black boat. Inspecting ship, discovers that it been freshly painted name changed. Is possible smugglers are operating Beach? There something about this boat tells he’s not on anymore—he’s an adventure. Ellery Queen one world’s finest detectives, but adventures nothing compared Jr. Mystery Stories. Join Queen’s apprentice, Djuna, trusty Scottie, Champ, filled danger, suspense, thrills. The Yellow Cat seventh book Stories, you may enjoy reading series any order.

Smarty Cat composition book. 200 pages. Perfect for the cat lover with a sense of humor. Use it your least favorite subjects in school!

Barbara Fisk has lived a lifetime of adventure in the beautiful wilderness Pacific Northwest. An artist, musician and airplane pilot, she once played mother to an orphaned bear cub! Come join her ‘garden mind’ relive those wonderful moments which can only happen lifetime!