Skin Deep

IT WASN’T GERMAN ENGINEERING ONLY THAT MADE THE VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE AN ICON. WAS A MANHATTAN ADVERTISING AGENCY, TOO. Created in 1959 by Doyle Dane Bernbach and continued through the ’60s early ’70s, campaign for Volkswagen Beetle is considered best of all time. More than just promoting a car, it promoted new kind advertising: simple, charming, intelligent and, most all, honest. In “Ugly Is Only Skin-Deep,” Dominik Imseng retraces creation Bernbach, sneered at big players on Madison Avenue because “ethnic” background its founders employees, who were mostly Jewish. Readers will then learn how agency won account an unlikely creative team set tone admired advertising history. Finally, book examines evolution managed to convince more Americans that smaller was better. fact, didn’t only fundamentally change ethos advertising, also helped trigger cultural revolution 1960s.

Recounts the history of African Americans as fashion models, describes difficulties they faced and ways have changed modeling field, profiles Dorothea Towles, Joey Mills, Beverly Johnson, Iman, others