Skater Chicks

Colorful introduction to skateboarding for girls.

Increasing the visability of under-represented girl skateboarders, these portraits are captured on location with photographic historical process, wet plate collodion using a portable darkroom and 8×10 view camera.

Psst… I’ve got a secret and I want to share it. If you join my reader’s group I’ll send Pay Back, the second book in Lovers Other Strangers series, series: The Short Stories free. To sign up all have do is go website! You can find of books listed there along with longer excerpts. Hope see soon! Rik Toil had everything man could want, money, fast cars, women desperate for his attention. So why did Eric Tolland, behind image feel so bored by it all? After doing whatever was necessary make skateboarding company successful, felt lost. Mimi Ferguson no one’s idea sk8er grl but she damn good art director. She may always been meek time this mouse roar. perfect match if only he convince her that.