Sing a Rebel Song

It’s 1891. Maggie McAllister and her family are caught up in one of the most dramatic events Australia’s history: Shearers Strike. The trouble that erupts between Union, pastoralists government has never been seen before on quiet streets Barcaldine. plays part Unions struggle no small way herself, through writing. Her friends, a local pastoralist family, do not see things same way, for Maggie, singing rebel song may yet have heartbreaking consequences.

‘Hasn’t it been a full life, Lillie, and isn’t this good end?’, were James Connolly’s last words to his wife in Dublin Castle the early hours of 12 May 1916 just before execution for part leading Easter Rising. Connolly, son Irish immigrants, was born Edinburgh. The first fourteen years life spent Edinburgh next seven King’s Liverpool Regiment Ireland. In 1889, he returned where socialist activist organiser years. 1896, at age 28, invited as organiser, founding Republican Socialist Party editing Workers’ Republic. Connolly America between 1903 1910, returning Ireland 1910 appointed Ulster Organiser Transport General Union by Larkin, succeeding him acting general secretary October 1914. As Commander Citizen Army, joined with leaders Brotherhood Rising 1916, becoming Commandant-General Division Army Republic Vice-President Provisional Government For their Rising, thirteen fellow revolutionaries executed Kilmainham Gaol British government. be executed, wounded had strapped chair face firing squad. This biography deals activities soldier, agitator, propagandist, orator, pamphleteer, trade union leader, insurgent, traces evolution political thinking social democrat, revolutionist, syndicalist, revolutionary socialist, insurrectionist. It is based largely on prolific writings twenty-seven journals Scotland, England, Ireland, France America, some 200 letters which are particularly revealing relationships colleagues. very best survey remarkable times. A Full Life: Table Contents Preface Des Geraghty PART I 1868–1882 II 1882–1889 III 1889–1896: Social Democrat IV 1890–1903: Revolutionist V 1903–1910: Syndicalist VI Writings VII 1910–1916 Red Green: Revolutionary Socialist–Insurrectionist VIII Thinker APPENDICES

Sound and taste conjugate a special relationship, they are often presented represented together. The linkage between music food has been traditional field for artists to suggest, among various emotions, love sexual desire, happiness, fear, rebellion, as well environmental, urban, ethnic, class values. This multi-author book explores the interconnectedness of their meaningful relations. With multicultural approach, chapters focus on historical periods world cultures. Music links explored within framework different disciplines, such musicology, literature, anthropology, history. General lines theoretical base developed by specialists from diverse fields.