Pony Rescue

After a horse-riding scare, Gina has lost all her confidence and wants nothing more to do with riding. But when magic pony Comet turns up at the rescue centre that mum runs, starts discover love of horses comes cantering back!

Horses are powerful beyond their physical measures. Through unique bond to people, horses have the ability heal, teach, and change lives. A person might rescue a horse, but so often it ends up being other way around. And sometimes deepest transformations come when we least expect them. Meet Sue Spence, who rescued little Larry, pony that helped her through stages of breast cancer. There’s Rebel Morrow, whose journey Athens Olympics with Groover, is nothing short miraculous. there’s Michael Williams, in out prison for twelve years finally seeing some light Hope program. These dozen rescuers celebrate special bonds they’ve formed, share what they learned from amazing equine companions. ‘What brings me joy inspiring, goose-bumping, enlightening stories exhilarating triumph, quiet meditative wisdom, life-changing moments self-healing.’