Pip Finds a Home

Age range 3 to 6 After a long journey over the seas, Pip arrives at South Pole. But as he meets his fellow penguins, realises is not quite same them. What makes him different…and does it matter?

Grace and Jack have a plan – to find purrfect homes for pets! Nine-year-old twins run the Forever Homes rehoming service. Whether it’s cheeky puppy or shy kitten, they’re determined pair every animal with their perfect person lots of adventures along way. Pip is lively collie who has lot energy. He needs LOADS walks small flat in town just not right place him. When meet Ben on his parents’ farm, they begin think may found home. But already dog, faithful old Winston. Can he make room heart two? Beautifully illustrated throughout by Sophy Williams, fans Zoe’s Rescue Zoo Holly Webb. These cute, cuddly kitten stories will delight loving readers aged 5+… Look out Jack’s other adventures! A Home Tilly Luna

After Little Pip the penguin gets lost she meets a whale, kelp gull, and sled dogs who cannot help her, but with aid of her family’s song, home finds her.