Ophelia: Queen of

Following on from I AM JULIET (August 2014), this is the second title in a new series for young people that focuses reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s classic and enduring plays. Ages: 10+ She girl who will be queen: Ophelia, daughter Denmarks lord chancellor loved by Prince Hamlet. But while Hamlets family stab, poison or haunt one another, Ophelia plans sensible rule, filled with justice making delicious cheeses. Even if she has to pretend mad make it happen, let nothing, not even howling ghosts, stand her way. This Shakespeares play, but what might also have happened behind scenes. And story happy ending. From Jackie French, Australias most respected awarded authors Australian Childrens Laureate 2015 Senior Year, comes book reimagines life intriguing female characters. Praise am Juliet: The captivating storyline well-developed characters popular high school-aged readers. Magpies

Fate is something we all cannot escape. This especially goes for Princess Amelia who sets out on a voyage to save her kingdom. On adventure she encounter’s wild terrain, witches and thought would never be able find which happens love but fate has other plans her. Watch one girl’s unfold that not even you wish it upon your worst enemy.

NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! If you think know Ophelia and Hamlet’s story, again … ‘A spellbinding tale of love, murder, revenge’ VOYA As ambitious witty as she is beautiful, quick to catch the eye captivating prince Hamlet. Their love blossoms in secret, but bloody deeds soon turn Denmark into a place madness, may be forced choose between her relationship own life. In desperation, devises plan escape from Elsinore Castle forever with one very dangerous secret. takes center stage this bold thrilling reimagining Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, story young woman falling searching for world, finding strength survive.