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On 28 June 1915, young James Martin sailed from Melbourne aboard the troopship Berrima – bound, ultimately, for Gallipoli. He was just fourteen years old. “Soldier Boy” is Jim’s extraordinary true story, story of a and enthusiastic school boy who became Australia’s youngest known Anzac. Four months after leaving his home country he would be numbered among dead, one so many soldier boys travelled halfway around world chance adventure. This is, however, as much mother, Amelia Martin. It heartbreaking tale mother had to let him go, family lost son, brother, an uncle, friend. about Amelia’s who, like others, wanted in on action.

Fr. James Martin, SJ, is one of the most recognized Catholic priests in United States. His book My Life with Saints introduced hundreds thousands readers to many saintly heroes. More recently, Building a Bridge called Church more respect and compassion for LGBT Community—and made Martin not only friend people but lightning rod some “traditionalist” Roman Catholics. articulate winsome personality has endeared him millions inside outside Church. Now it time tell story his own life, explore experiences that person he today. And there’s no better narrator than Jon M. Sweeney, an award-winning highly accomplished writer right. In SJ: Company Jesus, Sweeney probes Martin’s early as corporate executive, call religious ministry spirituality, feelings about both adoration criticism receives from so many, much more. Readers will come away understanding today’s interesting influential

The family and descendants of Col. James Martin (1742-1834) Stokes County, North Carolina his sister Martha [Martin] Rogers (1744-1825) Rockingham Williamson & Montgomery Counties, Tennessee the allied families Henderson, Searcy, Hunter, Bradley, Alexander, Hughes, Dearing Scales.