Mrs Armitage and the Big

MINI TREASURES: delightful mini picture books to treasure forever. ONE STORMY NIGHT ‘One Stormy night, the wind was howling, iron gate creaked and black cat hissed. ‘ So begins Ruth Brown’s spine-chilling ghost story of a night where not everything is as it seems. .

This is an essential text for primary trainees and teachers. While the focus in early reading on systematic synthetic phonics, it important to see bigger picture understand that teaching a continuum involves more much than mechanics of reading. The book focuses range issues develop children who can read into do read, including extending with proficient readers, engaging disengaged sustaining interest transition from secondary, importance oracy Additionally, there exploration wider context international perspectives, new literacies personal development. Case studies activities demonstrate practical applications clear links underpinning theory, while critical reflections challenge reader encourage deeper thought about chapter content.