Mia’s Story

When Nathan Chaplin stepped out of the rain and into Mia’s life, she believed at last could put her sinful past behind her. But on wedding night, Mia knew no longer keep secrets from new husband. Anna loved Nathan, but also craved love touch another. Setting mountains for secluded honeymooner’s cabin, Anna’s finally catches up with Separated in a freak storm, finds herself alone cabin another, who reawakens those dark forbidden desires within Dark romantic, sensual sexy, ‘The Cabin’ will be place where can explore more illicit side character. In these erotic tales, Natalie Stark, explores cunning, selfish sexual all us that so often leads to we hide our most guilty pleasures. Sexy risqué stories leave you delicious desire find The Cabin your own darker side. ‘The Cabin: Chloe’s Story’ Now Available! Anna’s Megan’s Hannah’s *For readers aged 18 years over.* Search terms: erotia novels, novels free, erotica, erotica free romance books, short sex stories, permafree, freebie, adult, romance, contemporary, series, serial, steamy, books

One half of the infamous Doom Brothers gets a second chance at love. Exploring an online friendship with woman he quickly falls head over heels for, finds salon owner to be more than just another pretty face. Cyrus Evans makes it his mission make new love interest dreams being star come true. Mia Wilson has no idea she been chatting her long-time crush, Cyrus, until pro-wrestling celebrity walks into asking on date lifetime. The dancing, singing unknown superstardom when owners IWX discover talents. Plans take turn Cyrus’ ex-wife returns complicating things for couple. A baby, ex-wife’s life-threatening illness, and man suspected killing parents years ago; will world upside down. faces life-changing choices that could throw off plans future Mia, or finally give him family always wanted.

Mia Book 3 The Midwives of Lyrebird Lake – where every day brings a miracle. Angus Campbell is used to dealing with emergency situations. He’s rescue medic. But his newly discovered son will require more than professional training. Perhaps Angus’s childhood home, Lake, the best place find rapport for both them. expecting new arrival but she wasn’t Angus. Six feet sexy he-man way out her comfort zone. She not get involved. man needs help. Her baby could have perfect family…but would they love? And then there’s magical myth Lyrebirds…