Meatball’s Good Dog Day

Summer vacation is going to be anything but relaxing for Fran├žois and his sons…

Two twenty-one year old Englishmen are sent to Trinidad in 1972 by a strange religious sect help the street dogs Port-of-Spain and become involved an escapade so bizarre you couldn’t make it up. They arrive country divided political economic troubles, at end of State Emergency, with guns drugs their luggage no visas or work permits. Put up house ‘ill-repute’ feted Mayor, who embroils them his re-election, they soon headline news eventually upset Government. Meanwhile, unable start job had been do, spend several adventurous months exploring magnificent jungle deserted beaches, experiencing wildlife encounters near tragic situations process. This is travelogue difference completely true.

Dog Days In The Fortunate Islands is an ideal read for those contemplating retirement, moving to the Canary or extended trip through Spain. book will also appeal any dog lovers and holidaymakers who enjoy interesting story.