Maximum SecurityMay Tang: a New

As the Indo-Pacific emerges as world’s most strategically consequential region and competition with China intensifies, United States must adapt its approach if it seeks to preserve power sustain regional stability prosperity. Yet grows more powerful aggressive appears increasingly unreliable, has become riven uncertainty. These dynamics threaten undermine region’s unprecedented peace U.S. Strategy in Asian Century offers vital perspective on future of Indo-Pacific, focusing critical roles that American allies partners can play. Abraham M. Denmark argues these alliances partnerships represent indispensable strategic assets for States. They will be necessary any effort by Washington compete China, promote prosperity, a liberal order Indo-Pacific. Blending academic rigor practical policy experience, analyzes major-power region, an eye toward security interests. He details pragmatic harness ensure long-term successfully navigate complexities new era.

This book presents watermarking algorithms derived from signal processing methods such as wavelet transform, matrix decomposition and cosine transform to address the limitations of current technologies. For each algorithm, mathematical foundations are explained with analysis conducted evaluate performances on robotness efficiency. Combining theories practice, it is suitable for information security researchers industrial engineers.