Jacaranda Magic

Five friends are feeling bored on a hot sticky day. Just when they think theyll never find anything fun to place, simple gust of wind changes everything Jacaranda Magic is unique rhyming picture book that celebrates imaginative play and highlights the value boredom nature in inspiring creativity.

Connect Your Soul to these Magical Trees inspires and delights you on your self-discovery journey. This book is full of fun, spiritual, healing trees bent inspiring connect the natural world. Understand yourself with rituals. guides magic spells, crystals, essential oils, medicinal traditions, other amazing rituals perfect green life. Each tree connects a profound spiritual meaning. Whether live in country or city, connecting beneficial eye-opening. Every prayer every spellcraft world trees. Inside Trees, you’ll find: • Intelligent spell that would make any witch jealous Spiritual meanings Essential spells prayers are compatible each A guide how magical mystical powers If enjoy books like Finding Mother Tree, Year Witch, Green Witchcraft, The Hidden Life Trees.

Neef, the official Changeling of Central Park, has survived a life-threatening quest, but that’s nothing compared to her first experiences at school. At Miss Van Loon’s, she meets counterparts from all over Manhattan, learns basics diplomacy, and, course, gets in trouble. This time Neef must recover Magic Mirror, or else New York Harbor’s Mermaid Queen will turn city’s fresh water salt—and everything die.