Islands In My Garden

Come sailing around our backyard. Explore the islands, caves, valleys, forests and underground cities. Meet strange inhabitants, and, if you look closely, you’ll find a place full of surprises. A delightful picture book from an award-winning illustrator writer.

Gorgeous, fascinating and unconventional, the maps in this collection show aspects of Gulf Islands, ‘Islands Salish Sea’, that are most beloved by residents, from heritage orchards, fishing spots patches endangered wild orchids to ancient First Nations’ sites bird colonies. The community on each island decided what elements should be depicted, local artists then created magnificent wildly different maps. This volume is a treasure-trove cherished information could have been lost, presented with imagination great beauty. Islands Sea Community Mapping Project was coordinated Sheila Harrington Judi Stevenson, who live Saltspring Island.

Why do you garden? For fun? Work? Food? The reasons to garden are as unique the gardener. Roots of My Obsession features thirty essays from most vital voices in gardening, exploring myriad motives and impulses that cause a person become some, it’s quest achieve personal vision ultimate beauty; for others, mission heal earth, or grow perfect peach. distinct their authors, yet each one is direct, engaging, heart. Doug Tallamy, love plants rooted first animals: “animals with two legs (birds), four (box turtles, salamanders, foxes), six (butterflies beetles), eight (spiders), dozens (centipedes), hundreds (millipedes), even animals no (snakes pollywogs).” Rosalind Creasy, “not plant itself; how use it garden.” And Sydney Eddison, reason has changed throughout years. Now, she “gardens moment.” As read, may find yourself nodding your head agreement, gasping disbelief. What you’re sure encounter some best writing about gardener’s soul ever appear. anyone who cherishes miracle bringing forth life soil, essential inspiration.