How High The MoonHow I Became a PirateHow I Didn’t Straighten

Welcome to the Bailiwick, young Constable – a world like no other. Here, vast city clings inside surface of sphere and tumultuous ocean is only sky. Are you ready join your fellow Bobbies? There’s Jack, boy with sixth sense for machines; Red Ruby, fiery pirate princess from golden age sail; LOF-t, sixty-sixth century cyborg. Together Murray, hyper-intelligent lemur, are new generation Constables; sworn protect topsy-turvy ever encroaching shadows evil Zed. Even as we speak, they drill through crust down towards within… So, climb aboard sky cycle, Constable, fly! not moment lose! Bobbies Bailiwick Steampunk Adventure Fantasy middle readers (8 12), filled Dyson’s Spheres, pirates, cyborgs, lemurs, giant robots steam-powered cycles.