Hippopotamus in the

In 1850, a baby hippopotamus arrived in England, thought to be the first Europe since Roman Empire, and almost certainly Britain prehistoric times. Captured near an island White Nile, Obaysch was donated by viceroy of Egypt exchange for greyhounds deerhounds. His arrival London greeted with wave ‘hippomania’, doubling number visitors Zoological Gardens overnight. Delving into circumstances Obaysch’s capture exhibition, John Simons investigates phenomenon ‘star’ animals Victorian against backdrop expanding British Empire. He shows how entangled aims scientific exploration, commercial ambition, imperial expansion shaped treatment exotic throughout nineteenth early twentieth centuries. Along way, he uncovers strange moving stories other hippos who joined him as trade zoo grew.

Join eight year old Nicoletta and her most unusual friend Deloris in this heartwarming story of friendship, coping with change, finding value your own unique gifts talents, overcoming challenges, realizing that you don’t have to be like everyone else special….