Harry Highpants

Who wears high pants? Harry Highpants does. And no one had better tell to wear his pants at ‘normal height’. He can however he likes! A funny book about a serious subject – explores the ideas of freedom and diversity. This was White Raven selection Bologna Book Fair 2008 .

Everybody in town wears their pants at a different height: Mum is on the high side and builders down road are definitely low side. Harry Highpants his very, very high. Then Roy Bland, running for Mayor, decides to make law saying that all must be worn ‘normal height’. As result kids organise Free Pants Convention, festival of pants. And shows himself champion, strikes blow freedom!

Ever heard the expression “life’s a circus”? Well, for Zillie it literally is! isn’t sure what she can expect from this town when her family rolls in and settles their next circus season, but she’s excited full of anticipation on first day school at Brookevale College. Until run with Princess Holly, that is. Perfect, poised, pouty, pretty, prissy who makes mission to humiliate ‘the freak’ every chance gets. And gets few! Will survive attack thousand wings?What earth is new friend Violet’s space clearing spray?How does Bradley Peters, spunkiest guy class, even know exists, let alone want be friend?Why like Zillie’s zany so much?