Green Valentine

SHORT-LISTED: 2016 Prime Minister’s Literary Award, Young Adult Fiction Astrid Katy Smythe is beautiful, smart and popular. She’s a straight-A student committed environmental activist. basically perfect. Hiro the opposite of He’s slouchy, rude resentful. Despite his brains, he doesn’t see point school. But when meets at shopping centre where he’s wrangling trolleys, recognise her because she’s in disguise – as lobster. And she set him straight. wants to change world, survive it. ultimately both believe that world needs be saved from itself. Can they find enough common right all wrongs between them? WC

This is the only volume to bring together all of Allen Ginsberg’s published verse in its entirety, celebrating half a century brilliant work from one America’s greatest poets. Presented chronologically, it sets against story his extraordinary life: most famous landmark works ‘Howl’ and ‘Kaddish’ poems White Shroud Cosmopolitan Greetings, on later writings such as caustically funny ‘Death Fame’, provocative ‘New Democracy Wish List’ elegiac ‘Things I’ll Not Do (Nostalgia)’. Ginsberg, chief figure among Beats, fomented social political revolution, yet groundbreaking also changed course American poetry with freewheeling spontaneity, rawness, honesty energy. Also containing illustrations by artist friends, illuminating notes poems, original prefaces photographs, this essential record influential voices twentieth poetry.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, Allen Ginsberg his fellow Beats led an insurrection that profoundly altered American literary cultural landscapes. Collected here are journal entries culed from eighteen notebooks kept during this extraordinary period — thoughts, poems, dreams, reflections, diary notes intimately illuminate Ginsberg’s actual travels mental journeys. They reveal a remarkable fascinating life: conversations with William Carlos Williams; drug experiences; chance meeting Dylan Thomas; stays in Mexico, San Francisco, New York; first impressions of “Naked Lunch”; bits peices “America, Kaddish” other poems; political “ravings”; and, course, times S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Gergory Corso, Herbert Huncke, Peter Orlovsky, many, many others. What emerges is truly unique personal account will touch mind soul.