Great Plague: the Diary of

The diary of 13 year old Alice Paynton, a young girl in the time Charles II. Her covers months from June 1665 to Great Fire 1666, while bubonic plague ravages London. In MY STORY series.

Samuel Pepys gives a unique first hand account of life during the Great Plague London and Fire London. stayed in while many wealthy fled city face plague. His careful observation interest details people’s lives as well events time are unparalleled.

It seems that in the past week 700 people have died of plague. . One thehouses next street had a red cross painted on door. Above someonehad chalked Lord Have Mercy Upon Us. “A time horror has come to London. As bubonic plague ravages city,mercilessly plucking up victims and filling pits with corpses, 13-yearoldAlice Payton records outbreak her diary. But when own aunt isstruck down disease, Anne is forced make decision could changeher life forever.