The Ancient Roman public’s hunger for gladiatorial combat has never been greater. Emperor Domitian’s passion novelty and variety in the arena given rise to a very different kind of warrior: Gladiatrix. Sole survivor shipwreck off coast Asia Minor, Lysandra finds herself property Lucius Balbus, owner foremost Ludus female gladiators Eastern Empire. Lysandra, member an ancient Spartan sect warrior priestesses, refuses accept her new status as slave. Forced fight survival, deadly skills win adoration crowds, respect Balbus. But Lysandra’s pride also earns powerful enemies: Sorina, Gladiatrix Prima leader Barbarian faction, sadistic Numidian trainer, Nastasen. When plans are laid ultimate spectacle honor visit emperor’s emissary, must face greatest deadliest trial. This is thrilling first novel that combines fascinating historical detail with blistering action.

The companion volume to the BBC documentary air on Discovery Channel describes excavation of burial ground a first-century Roman gladiator, revelation that remains were female warrior, and what discovery meant in terms reassessing role women society blood sports popular at time. Original.

In 1946, while Rosy the Riveter was taking her shop apron off and setting down wrench for last time, Millie Uher got into a U.S. Army surplus Jeep drove up hills southwest of Maracaibo, Venezuela. this biography written by son, we learn she much more than working mother. She woman world rare trendsetter that changed without design perhaps intent. The development education expert would live 100 years break ground gender barriers as an athlete in basketball, tennis, golf, especially alpine skiing trekked globe. dared to go where others, including men, not go, living life at full speed never once touching brakes. From immigrant’s child global diplomat, from rural schoolchild urbane single mother, first-generation high school graduate Ph.D., is story traditional American girl who became bona fide adventurer.