Ghost Granny

When Granny dies, everyone in the family heaves a sigh of relief. She was difficult old woman and not easy to live with. So when unmistakably transparent form appears at tea table, both adults children are alarmed. Why is Granny’s spirit so restless? It young apprentice angel assigned guide her heaven hasn’t been doing job. Whether goes upstairs or down below now hangs balance – bad temper doesn’t help. The ensuing tussle between devilish Mr. Brimstone his bumbling angelic counterpart for lady’s soul leaves limbo crisis. ghost disappears, it’s left Anna, with few companions, seek very doors Hellmouth. GHOST GRANNY by bestselling author Melanie Guile funny, fast-moving, entertaining read thoroughly engrossing characters.

When two sisters feud over the family business, medium Emma Whitecastle doesn’t need a Ouija board to know it spells trouble. But with little help from spirited ghost of Granny Apples, she may be able solve one murder and prevent another . Sisters Lucinda Ricarda Ricardo—better known as Lucy Rikki—are at each other’s throats Roble Foods. wants sell Rikki is against it. asks contact their deceased father, Felix, her convince not sell. Felix Ricardo has his own bombshell drop—his death was an accident, Rikki’s life in danger if girls don’t Now it’s up Apples chip away mystery stop killer double dipping

In her second book Leila Oliver White expands on the information in first book, Pendulum Dowsing and Spirit Connection, about making dowsing pendulums, provides an alphabetical chart similar to a typewriter key board with instructions for spelling out messages from other side. When techniques are mastered, Guide will be available give guidance protection those who ask help their families. She shares humorous approach many of interesting episodes that have added enjoyment years living by herself beautiful mountains Pacific Northwest.