FisherThe Tales From The Half

For thirty-three years, Bobby Bowden was the heart and soul of Florida State football. Now Seminoles fans every generation will get to relive glory passion Florida’s winningest coach in this edition Tales from Sideline. In gripping narrative, Steve Ellis bring readers right up sideline experience pivotal moments football history. From Bowden’s first winning season national championship victories 1993 1999, into new millennium beyond, Sideline has it all. relives pride competition he felt as faced his son famous Bowls, shares innermost thoughts revolutionized collegiate sports. Without a doubt, is must-have for any fan.

Libraries, archives, and museums reveal clues to the colorful characters lining history of Delaware, from its earliest colonial days invention “beach resort” founding nation’s “Summer Capital” World War II present. Author Michael Morgan brings together this kaleidoscopic view men sea beachfront tycoons who shaped Delaware role in development America, war, politics, business, Europeans’ arrival at Cape Henlopen until modern times. While intrepid patriot Henry Fisher infamous serial killer Patty Cannon are not known beyond boundaries southern others such as William Penn, Captain Kidd DuPonts enjoy more widespread reputations. Here, tales shipwrecks rumrunners combine with politics slavery suffrage illuminate one corner United States, a microcosm that synthesizes light on various facets States broader context. * pens weekly column, “Delaware Diary,” Coast Press has authored many stories for The Baltimore Sun, Maryland Magazine, Civil Times Illustrated, America’s other periodicals past 15 years. He is frequent guest speaker historical societies Lewes, Georgetown, towns along coast.