Twelve-year-old amateur sleuths, and best friends, Hawkeye Collins Amy Adams love to solve cases. They invite readers follow the clues sketches crimes in their hometown of Lakewood Hills. All books “Can You Solve Mystery” series contain 9-10 short mysteries. Readers are given written as well visual help them crime. The answers a brief wrap-up back book. Case Imperfect Crime; Mysterious Dognapper; Mystery Moody Medallion; Stashed Cash; Double-Crossed Inheritance; Secret Stands; Reptile Rip-Off; Musical Phone Call; Smuggler’s Car; Ancient Treasure. Part 4: Treasure Trove

When Goofy doesn’t arrive to take Pluto for a walk as promised, and Mickey has leave an appointment with the dentist, Minnie agrees Pluto. But disappears while is helping neighbor rescue her cat, must solve mystery of who “dognapped” him.