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Why settle for anything less than a best friend? Every dog wants to perform — and deservedly gain your love affection. With Warren Eckstein’s expert guidance, you can forget about frustration disobedience, enjoy years with loyal, alert, very happy dog! Here are wonderful insights, witty observations, step-by-step advice for: * Communicating Hassle-free housebreaking *The training ABCs from sitting heeling beyond Diet, grooming, exercise dentistry tips Coping canine old age And much, much more! “Too bad isn’t marriage counselor! If only he could do husbands what does dogs!” Kathie Lee Gifford

In Made to Play House, Miriam Formanek-Brunell traces the history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century dolls explores origins American toy industry’s remarkably successful efforts promote self fulfillment through maternity materialism. She tells fascinating story how inventors, producers, entrepreneurs—many whom were women—and little girls themselves created which expressed various notions female identity.

When planning a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), it is vital that parents and educators are involved in collaborative decision making. This book offers of children with autism other disabilities unique way approaching tackling the problems can arise relating to provision special education services. Taking structured, cooperative approach IEPs, easily applicable six question process enables determine needs their child obtain services required by asking key questions during IEP meetings. Explaining through real life scenarios issues, this demonstrates how achieve effective collaboration school personnel, ensuring receives appropriate necessary educational program Providing practical, structured for offering insight into parental perspective educators, an invaluable resource anyone