Coco Banjo has been

Coco Banjo meets the Prime Minister in hilarious second book of Coco’s fabu-licious adventures! It’s time for school camp and some spectacular, Coco-licious But two problems could ruin everything . Jay Page is hiding his pet rat bag. Worse, Coco’s best friend N wants to join Belle’s group. Has been UNFRIENDED? Can Miss Trample really ban from disco? Could this get any worse? needs an amazing plan make things right. Maybe can help!

“Coco Banjo to the rescue! Coco loves her life. She sleeps in a tiger onesie, wears mum’s diamonds just because she can, and has dolphins penguins for friends. Today Coco’s planning Yay Day of fun on secret island home middle Sydney Harbour. But wait . what’s that Secret Signal? Oh no, Narianna (known as N) is being bullied! sets off school rescue her. when cranky principal Miss Trample sees uniform (customised, thank you very much), might be even more trouble than best friend. How will get out this one?”

YIPPEE! It’s the holidays! Time for glorious summer days and fun with friends. Coco’s mum is still travelling, but she arranges BEST surprises. One surprise in a box delivered by best friend, N. The next an invention called Skip Back Machine. What does it do? And biggest tickets to concert favourite pop star, Prince Louis! But . what if N isn’t allowed go? Coco has big decision make