Car-sized Crabs and other

From gangly giraffes to terrifying tarantulas, meet all the biggest beasts animal kingdom has offer. Did you know a crab can grow size of car? Or that an angry elephant charge at mighty speed 40 km per hour? Packed with amazing facts and covering everything from mammoth mammals big birds creepy crawly giants, this essential guide brings wonderful world life. Features include stats scales on every spread.

Would you ask a honeybee to point at screen and recognise facial expression? Or an elephant climb tree? While humans non-human species may inhabit the same world, it’s likely that our perceptual worlds differ significantly. Emphasising Uexküll’s concept of ‘umwelt’, this volume offers practical advice on how animal cognition can be successfully tested while avoiding anthropomorphic conclusions. The chapters describe capabilities range animals – from ants, lizards chimpanzees revealing investigate across variety taxa. book features contributions leading researchers, each offering series examples tips drawn their own experience. Together, authors synthesise information current field laboratory methods, providing researchers graduate students with methodological formulate research questions, design experiments adapt studies different