Bugs from Beyond

Catch the bug buzz and learn all about insects with Cat in Hat–a perfect gift for little scientists on Earth Day every day! The Hat’s Learning Library is a nonfiction picture book series that introduces beginning readers ages 5-8 to important basic concepts. Find out you ever wanted know when Hat friends get an up-close view of life as bug. Kids will how — from spittlebug honeybee moth see, smell, communicate, pollinate, well sometimes pester amaze generally make better us humans. Featuring beloved characters Dr. Seuss’s Hat, are unjacketed hardcover books explore range topics world we live include index, glossary, suggestions further reading.

After a long first half of the season, Crocs might finally have chance to win game. But when mutant bugs start burrowing up from beneath oval attack, there may not even be team left take field. If Nick and his friends can’t figure out how stop bugs, losing game will least their problems! Make it your goal collect every Kick Nick! Brent ‘Boomer’ Harvey, AFL Star http://www.facebook.com/kickittonick http://twitter.com/kickittonick http:/www.kickittonick.com

Based in 1958, when a crime syndicate decides to move into small town, escalates the point where local sheriff will request aid of detective agency find out who is behind it and seek justice. Hiring young lady named Beth Armstrong, she enlist her friends not only solve mystery, but see that criminals are arrested. With cartel hiring top assassins from around world eliminate them, their lives danger every step way. Will group succeed finding twelve clues an old letter mysteries past present, answer lies voices helping them beyond grave others ignored.