Boy : Shoot-out at the

CBCA Children’s Book of the Year – Notable 2017. Included on South Australian Premier’s Reading Challenge list. An exciting new adventure series full danger, daring and wild colonial boys! Tommy Bell, Bushranger Boy is a wonderful featuring Tommy’s time travelling escapades that take him face-to-face with some Australia’s most notorious bushrangers. The hero series, lives in regional NSW contemporary times but able to travel back gold rush days by wearing an old bushranger’s hat he discovered his grandfather’s farm. friends find themselves up close personal one well known outlaws. With each there plenty danger excitement: armed hold-ups, sieges, frauds, shoot-outs, police chases, jail-time much more. Each book cleverly incorporates parallel story from twenty-first century life tests friendships develops character. 1 Shoot-out at Rock Bell has been sent work grandparents’ farm for school holidays. He doesn’t want go, when discovers hidden cave, everything changes. Suddenly finds himself bushranger Captain Thunderbolt! At first, seems thrills adventure. But soon learns it as well…

When Marshal Buchanan put outlaw rachman in jail for the murder of his brother-in-law, Hank Carter, he knew badman would seek revenge. Sure enough six months later, Rachman was out, riding back across desert with murderous companion Pedro Torres and aiming a showdown Buchanan.