BloodJason Prince

Some things, you can’t come back from. lines, uncross. When tragedy strikes the night of gala, Aria and her friends find themselves racing against clock. Lies pile on top lies. Lines blur stories twist, until they so far from place started, aren’t sure if can ever go back. Tensions mount as are torn between Dorian Michael. A fateful decision threatens one their own, those sacred bonds that always held them together begin to splinter crack. There’s only long straddle two worlds. Something has break. But when dust settles, will there be anything left? Kerrigan Kids Book 1 – School Potential 2 Myths & Magic 3 Kith Kin 4 Playing With Power 5 Line Ancestry 6 Descent Hope 7 – Illusion Shadows 8 Frozen by Future 9 Guilt My Past 10 Demise 11- Rise Prophecy 12 Deafened READ THE WHOLE SERIES: Prequel Series: Christmas Before Question Darkness Into Fight Alone in Lost The Chronicles Series Rae Dark Nebula House Cards Royal Tea Under Fire End Sight Hidden Twisted Together Mark Fate Strength Last One Standing Light Sequel Matter Time Piece Second Chance Glitch Our Precious Kerrigan: Gabriel Living Present for Today Staring at Stopping Passage Ticking Clock Secrets City Ultimate USA Bestselling author, W.J. May brings a continuation international bestselling series, Kerrigan! Come enjoy famous characters, or step into series right here. You won’t disappointed! Search Terms: fantasy, young adult paranormal new romance, superpowers, Teen reads, action adventure mystery, sequel, college adult, superhero fantasy ebooks, supernatural free kindle books, superhero, supernatural, coming age, sagas, Kerrigan, dark anthology, witches, prequel, hybrid, hybrid paranormal, Meyers, Stephanie, w.j. may, tattoos, werewolf FICTION / Fantasy Paranormal Romance Shifters Contemp, juvenille, humorous, tattooist, horror horror, suspense, boarding school, England, Tudor, New Adult College Romance, coll, academy, magic

The city and realm of Shedran upon the small continent Sharlend was now free tyranny a usurper. Prince Jason Illycia DeLonge must travel to each great realms that see safety is assured alliances can be made keep it way. With aid Will Butler Bobby Jackson, two soldiers who came from Thom DeLonge’s world, move carefully. To think Banshe’e his lieutenants would only care about one city, no matter how extensive was, foolish. They have stand firm with ensure evil had foothold. do otherwise invite disaster chaos back into lives those they vowed protect. What find worse than could imagined. DeLonge, trusted men help Nethan DeBurge, usurper has way claim crown Catlorian. Yet also ten young girls, volunteered accompany rotund pedophile younger girls bed, were somehow freed as well life slavery in Seaborne. game still its early stages. Each set pieces Lord moved play falling quietly might valorous few, yet endgame hidden. All these ready, assertively, hope what planned thwarted.

Jason has little going on in his life. He does nothing more than sleep, drive sister around, and visit with a friend at the mall. Then stumbles across personal dimensional transporter life takes drastic turn. finds there is much this world he could have ever imagined.