At the Joust

Roland Wright has been a page at Twofold Castle for just month and already he impressed the King’s bravest knights. Now is off to his first tournament, where knights from near far take part in full day of jousting. He’s only meant be watching. But when fearsome Little Douglas, young another castle, throws down challenge, things get serious. All too quickly, thrust into action. It’s all can do stay on feet. .

Roland, a scrawny, aspiring knight prone to hiccups, serving as page in Twofold Castle, attends his first tournament, where knights from near and far take part full day of jousting.

This book traces the rise and fall of joust in Iberia, between late fourteenth sixteenth centuries, when it was supplanted by more innocuous cane game spectacle bull-run. It focuses on three jousting treatises written practising champions at time: Ponc de Menaguerra’s Lo Cavaller (`The Knight’, 1493); Juan Quijada Reayo’s Doctrina del arte la cavalleria (`Doctrine Art Chivalry, 1548); Luiz Zapata’s Del Justador (`Of Jouster’, c.1589-93). presents editions, with first English translation, these important texts, together introductions analytical study; there are also chapters arms armour joust. is richly illustrated nearly 200 colour black white illustrations, many never previously published, which illuminate sometimes complex technical terminology used authors, provide further evidence how weapons were actually used. Noel Fallows Professor Spanish Associate Dean, University Georgia.