Adventures with Kolah the

A true to life adventure with a family of cuddly koalas. Over 48 colour photographs koalas in their natural habitat. Meet Kolah. She’s koala. her too. Find out where they live and how spend day. Learn what eat long live. Then discover you can do help protect the threatened koala population. Kolah is your guide companion on this discovery.

COME ON A GREAT ADVENTURE WITH KOLAH THE KOALA! true-to-life story about a family of cuddly koalas. Discover what they eat, where live and how survive. Jan Latta is the author photographer True to Life Books. To create books she follows animals every day, taking photographs writing them in their natural habitats Africa, China, Borneo, India, Australia. With photos simple text, has captured amazing moments endangered wild. You can also read her adventures “Diary Wildlife Photographer” book

For special education courses in schools of early childhood, primary and secondary education. Education for Inclusion Diversity 5e continues to build on the concept inclusive curriculum diversity learning needs. This Australian text gives students a broad understanding principles education, ways which teachers can accommodate differing needs their students. It has been written by experts field inclusion with particular aim teaching how apply ideas that have presented each chapter.