Across the Dark Sea

Across the Pond tells of changing use this ocean, from a barrier to route riches and highway for trade. Much is covered – exploration exploitation; fighting fishing; luxury cruises on steamships Cunard Collins lines always dangers sea. There also slipped slavers with their cargo shame. The story early aerial pioneers recounted, there being many contenders first aircraft fly across Atlantic, such as flying boats, known nancies. This an ocean that bred some world’s hardiest mariners, famous men Cabot, Hudson Vespucci but nameless thousands who manned ships, hard-used mariners Chesapeake, Solway Seville. Here was down east Yankee, Nova Scotian bluenose Scouser Liverpool. story.

“Shoals of tiny, brightly coloured fish dart through the sun-dappled water. Dazzling royal angelfish nibble coral.” Swim tropical seas and dive into darkest depths ocean to discover Earth’s diverse delicate ecosystems. From vibrant coral reefs mysterious deep-sea trenches, this lyrical picture book takes you on an amazing journey. Immerse yourself in different landscapes, learn about range species, understand importance maintaining these beautiful, natural habitats. This illustrated, looks at plants, animals, formations ecosystems, from smallest creatures largest predators, gently covering topic global warming. Every living thing planet needs oceans, including us. will inspire find out what more can do help so they remain wonderful havens life beauty that we all enjoy. Content includes: Coastal Waters Kelp Forests Mangroves Coral Reefs Open Ocean Deep Frozen Seas The World Wonderseries shines a light our planet’s fragile majestic mountains, expansive forests, deep important topics such as warming impact humans world. Also available: Wonder: Mountains 978-0-7112-4354-5

Literary Thoughts edition presents The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs —— “The Tarzan”, written and published in book 1915, is the direct sequel “Tarzan Apes” (see our Edition). earlier events made feel rootless, why he leaves America for Europe to visit a friend. Paul d’Arnot. On ship makes acquaintance with Count Countess de Coude. Nikolas Rokoff, brother latter, becomes Tarzans deadly enemy. After serving as special agent Algeria ministry war, returns jungle gets adopted tribe native warriors. Jane on other hand kidnapped party beast-men. All books have been transscribed from original prints edited better reading experience. Please homepage see publications.